Nettaiya Saho Minami
Saho lives with her husband’s parents. One sweltering summer day, her husband’s recently-fired little brother Kenji comes to pay them a visit. Scorned by the rest of his family and treated like a failure, Kenji finds himself helplessly tempted by Saho’s sweat-slicked flesh. He waits until her husband is away at work and rapes her – she resists at first, but she starts to like it, and she’s fucking him willingly long before her husband gets home. It’s a sizzling, sweat-drenched midsummer love affair.
MDYD-822 Saho living husband and their parents. Sweltering midsummer One day, brother Kenji husband to come back is restructuring. Among the day-to-day that raise the irritation is wrong side in family, Kenji that attacked in Saho not think misled into flesh sweat of Saho …
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