Nettaiya Ryu Enami
Ryu is the wife of elite business man Haruo. Her roommate and brother-in-law Toshio is a loser, job hunting after getting laid off due to corporate restructuring. Haruo goes on a business trip, and Toshio sneaks into Ryu’s bedroom at night, unable to endure looking at her seductive body every day, even though he’s in a hurry to find a job. He has hot, sweat-drenched sex with Ryu, who doesn’t like air conditioning.
Jav Watch MDYD-732 netsutaiyakoha Ryuu Wife Liu elite salaryman Haruo. Brother-in-law Toshio living together is useless human beings in the restructuring job. Haruo It’s is Toshio to rush to look for a business trip to work, but at night it is not unbearable would be amorous flesh Liu peek into everyday is worrisome …
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