Hot Night Kana Tsuruta
Mitsuo is a useless brother in law who’s been suspended fro work. He’s been alienated by his family and the heat of summer he’s been thinking more and more that he should help out more. He turns to his gloomy younger brother’s hot wife Kana. While his younger brother is out on business he rapes Kana. In the intense heat, his lust explodes in a storm of sweat as Kana can’t fight back. On news that his brother will be returning home, Mitsuo rapes Kana one last time.
Mdyd-836 Bad brother-in-law Mitsuo during leave are hoarding the thought that pent-up help even the heat of midsummer is wrong side in the family. Such Ukkutsu of Mitsuo Yuku is directed to a beautiful daughter-in-law Cana brother. Excellent brother commit Kana finally the middle of a business trip …
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