Gags,Rape,& Punishment Yui Oba
Yui is a beautiful married woman who lives happily with her husband. One day, she goes to pick up her husband from a bar where he's got dead drunk, and finds that he's worked up an unbelievably expensive bill! When she's unable to pay for him, they force her to pay with her body, fitting a ball gag in her mouth and raping her. Even after that, she gets threatened by the barkeeper and gets raped daily by him and his cronies. Yui's spirit collapses when she's bound and gagged and kept in an iron cage, and finally she begins to want her husband to see her getting raped…
Husband and beautiful wife Yui had been happily living with two people lived. One day, when I went to BAR to pick her husband was drunk, they would be charged exorbitant fee. When are puzzled without pay to pay in the body
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