E-BODY Erika
I met ERIKA in summer. I met her at a part-time job at a seaside clubhouse. Every night all the employees would get wasted together. One night I got drunk and fucked Erika. I thought I had an idea of how big her breasts were from looking at her in a swimsuit, but when I actually saw them they were bigger. They were huge, actually, as watermelons. When I fingered her, her sensitive and convulsing body started to wet itself. She faints as she reaches sexual climax and her burnt skin becomes wet with sweat. This gal's sex is like fireworks in the summer. "Should I come here again next year….?" She mutters as she wriggles in bed.
“I met with ERIKA the summer. I met in bytes in the sea of ​​the house. Evening every day drinking bout in bytes fellow. Drunken ended up doing in. Chest size of it but knew in the swimsuit, actual The watermelon When you eye ..
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