Amateur Individual Shooting, Post. 186
The us appeared today, college students in job hunting that was caught by Nampa. Name, Ranko-chan. Too much for the girl’s name is unlikely neat and clean system out to the AV, in you go over a voice almost at random, but this child was a type called Na would be impossible to absolutely, we were able to catch some reason split and easily. Today’s company tour is already done, but seems to have embarrassed the spare time nowhere to go until the time of return high-speed bus, Did Nokka~tsu to why the AV scout, depending also more is not known until the end it away. Here is unilaterally story “Yes … Yes … Do you uh likely … yes,” he decided in swimmingly. Because sometimes the time, a little talk in the car, instead of going to the office, to flow to the interview and test taken at the hotel. Although the conversation a little while shy to as the drive was rather less in the nervous, as soon as I entered the hotel, apparently behavior suspicious. Voice Uwazuri, legs begin to tremble jerky. Some of the girls caught in the scouts, it becomes the emergency shoot and it becomes a little so also are crying out to become child worry. Somehow attached to the room seemed to have somewhat settled down and pinch a little break, we decided to start the interview.