Amateur Av Experience Shooting 429
I as she met was a mountain. It enters the steep mountain to look for lake of legendary Hearing from grandmother, had passed about two hours from the start to walk. We left to dim lush suddenly been opened away from trees, what I was narrowed dazzling and I think eyes have seen in the next, was the deep water is blue as an inhaled likely. Drink the breath, is I who looked around, here is convinced that’s a lake of legend. – The lake of legend? It is in the phrase the mountains in the Tohoku region. In the old days, is multiplied by the cancer for one of the beautiful daughter is immortality, drank the water of this lake. Horrible enough to delicious this water, drink also drink without getting tired also, but so was enough to cause a rather extra like thirsty throat illusion. Daughter-tailed 憑Ri to its charm has become a the desire come true and immortality, you’ve at the same time become a serpent. Serpent’s so are primarily inhabit this lake still. – I came to drink the water of this lake. Even without squid and until immortality, energy enhancement, and told me that he water, such as the excellent magic to fatigue recovery. Gingerly, to be close to the mouth to scoop the water.Once, I noticed someone standing in front of the eye. Was a girl. wet long hair in white dress, with big eyes you have Crit, it seemed to be standing blank look To erect. I was not convinced that there is no going to have everyone in this place, had stuck with too much surprise. And she smiled feeling smile, or rather grin, such as has been hug me. The Hiyarito was it was almost screaming to feel but not his voice. She falls back little by little while strengthening the power to hug, Yuku entered into the lake. It seems like tired around the big snake. Somehow dangerous, and is impatient but be stuck. You can not breathe. Imperceptibly to the top of the shoulder I was immersed in water. It’s no good, they’ll have to give up. She was left only with his eyes closed. – The notice and I, stood to Shibuya Center Gai. I wonder was also found in the beaten to heat and daydream? Although girls face In a dream I remember clearly, it was a child that has not been met so far.And start walking in search of girl you want to scout while the hazy. Nigemizu was visible to the other side of the narrow road. What I you have narrowed dazzling and I think eyes have seen in the next, was white dress, and Crit the girl of big eyes to long hair. Oh, let’s put a voice to this child. When you decide so, she felt that smiled and grin.